Fabric Uploading to Quilting Studio

The much requested feature is now here.  You can now upload your own fabrics to use in Quilting Studio.  Simply log in to your User Account and click on Manage Fabrics.

Here are some guidelines when uploading fabric to Quilting Studio:

  1. You can load up to 100 fabrics.
  2. The best type of fabric image file is jpeg.  But, they can be of type .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, or .png.  If you don’t know what all this means, it just let’s you know that most types of image files are acceptable.
  3. The fabrics will be deleted if they are not used in a quilt and are more than 6 months old.  You can always re-upload them.

After uploading, your fabrics will appear in the “Uploads” fabric palette in the quilt designing software.

New Function: Printing the Whole Quilt

Today there is a new printing function for outputting your whole quilt.  It is for Quilting Studio subscribers only.  Here is how you do it:

  • Finish a quilt.  Or, bring up a saved quilt using the “Saved Quilts” dropdown menu
  • Click on the “Finish” tab in the upper right
  • Make sure the quilt you want to print is shown on the left and then click “Print This Quilt”.

The quilt should fill the piece of paper when it’s printed.  Some printers will take a while to process the print job before printing.  Please be patient.

All New Functions on Quilting Studio Allow Much More Freedom

Today, QuiltingStudio.com received a major upgrade. The new functions allow you:

  • Make your quilt any dimensions, from 36 inches to 120 inches.
  • Add any size border up to 12 inches wide.
  • Place your quilt blocks anywhere on the quilt (by dragging and dropping)
  • Re-size your quilt blocks to be anything from 6 inches to 40 inches wide.
  • Change the angle of the blocks to be “on point” (45 degrees or any angle in 5 degree increments)
  • Make your own pattern of the quilt block

To access these features, simply click on the “Free Form Quilt Layouts” tab at the top of the software.  Learning to use these new functions will probably require another video tutorial.  That will be coming soon.  But feel free to start playing with it now.

New Special Quilt Design Function: Double Wedding Ring Quilt

The Quilting Studio software has a new special quilt design – the “Double Wedding Ring” quilt.

To design a Double Wedding Ring quilt, follow these simple instructions:

  • Log in to the quilt design software
  • Select the “Block and Fabric Selection” tab
  • Under “Available Blocks”, choose the “Double Wedding Ring” block and drag over some fabrics to give it a design. (Save the fabric choices)
  • Click the “Standard Quilt Layouts” tab
  • Select a size for your quilt
  • Select the quilt layout of “Double Wedding Ring”
  • Drag your new block to the little box labeled “Drag your designed block here”
  • Save it!

This is generally the same process that you use for the “Double Irish Chain” quilt.  Try that one too by going  back to the “Block and Fabric Selection” tab and making a new “Double Irish Chain” block.  Then under “Standard Quilt Layouts”, use the “Double Irish Chain” quilt layout.