An All-new Quilting Studio for 2021

Welcome to the new version of Quilting Studio. The new version is designed to work on phones and tablets just as well as it works on your desktop computer browser. It does not require a browser plug-in the way the old version did. Today, at it’s initial release, the new version has the following functions:

  • Log in with the same email and password that you have always used for Quilting Studio.
  • New users can hit “Try Quilting Studio as a Guest” from the log-in page. This allows them to try most of the functions but not save their work.
  • The Block & Fabric Selection part of the site is working. Subscribers can access more than 100 pre-made quilt blocks. Pick your block and add fabrics to customize it your way. Guest users (non-subscribers) can access two blocks.
  • Access 17 palettes full of fabric swatches for use on your blocks.
  • Save your newly designed blocks and retrieve them (including blocks created in the old version of the software).
  • A new contact function is up and running. Share your opinions and ask questions. Just go to the main part of the site and use the menu in the upper left to reach the “Contact” function.

There is still quite a bit to add but it should be all rolling out in the next couple months.
Go Try out the new Quilting Studio – Quilt Design Software!
Happy Quilting!