3 thoughts on “Updates coming soon…

    • Hi Christina, Quilting Studio had been humming along with no problems for more than a year. Unfortunately, on Sept 10th, some changes were made that have caused some problems. The site was up for the week and is back down again. Of course, the goal is to get things running smoothly again as soon as possible. Sorry to make you wait a little longer to work with it. Thanks for your patience.

      • Hi there! So sorry I was worried. This site is AWESOME! I’ve already designed two quilts I LOVE! I can’t wait to get these going.

        I’ve been using EQ7, and it’s great…but I’m limited to using a PC. I’ve been desperate to find a straightforward online solution I can use with a MAC. What I also love about this site is I can use this with any computer wherever I may be. I’m not limited to one location, I can be designing anywhere, anytime the mood strikes me, as long as I have access to the internet.

        I’m totally looking forward to what new features will come down the road. 🙂

        Thank you.

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