Fabric Uploading to Quilting Studio

The much requested feature is now here.  You can now upload your own fabrics to use in Quilting Studio.  Simply log in to your User Account and click on Manage Fabrics.

Here are some guidelines when uploading fabric to Quilting Studio:

  1. You can load up to 100 fabrics.
  2. The best type of fabric image file is jpeg.  But, they can be of type .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, or .png.  If you don’t know what all this means, it just let’s you know that most types of image files are acceptable.
  3. The fabrics will be deleted if they are not used in a quilt and are more than 6 months old.  You can always re-upload them.

After uploading, your fabrics will appear in the “Uploads” fabric palette in the quilt designing software.