New Special Quilt Design Function: Double Wedding Ring Quilt

The Quilting Studio software has a new special quilt design – the “Double Wedding Ring” quilt.

To design a Double Wedding Ring quilt, follow these simple instructions:

  • Log in to the quilt design software
  • Select the “Block and Fabric Selection” tab
  • Under “Available Blocks”, choose the “Double Wedding Ring” block and drag over some fabrics to give it a design. (Save the fabric choices)
  • Click the “Standard Quilt Layouts” tab
  • Select a size for your quilt
  • Select the quilt layout of “Double Wedding Ring”
  • Drag your new block to the little box labeled “Drag your designed block here”
  • Save it!

This is generally the same process that you use for the “Double Irish Chain” quilt.  Try that one too by going  back to the “Block and Fabric Selection” tab and making a new “Double Irish Chain” block.  Then under “Standard Quilt Layouts”, use the “Double Irish Chain” quilt layout.