An All-new Quilting Studio for 2021

Welcome to the new version of Quilting Studio. The new version is designed to work on phones and tablets just as well as it works on your desktop computer browser. It does not require a browser plug-in the way the old version did. Today, at it’s initial release, the new version has the following functions:

  • Log in with the same email and password that you have always used for Quilting Studio.
  • New users can hit “Try Quilting Studio as a Guest” from the log-in page. This allows them to try most of the functions but not save their work.
  • The Block & Fabric Selection part of the site is working. Subscribers can access more than 100 pre-made quilt blocks. Pick your block and add fabrics to customize it your way. Guest users (non-subscribers) can access two blocks.
  • Access 17 palettes full of fabric swatches for use on your blocks.
  • Save your newly designed blocks and retrieve them (including blocks created in the old version of the software).
  • A new contact function is up and running. Share your opinions and ask questions. Just go to the main part of the site and use the menu in the upper left to reach the “Contact” function.

There is still quite a bit to add but it should be all rolling out in the next couple months.
Go Try out the new Quilting Studio – Quilt Design Software!
Happy Quilting!

Circles added to Quilt Block Building

A small but needed feature went live today.  Now you can create circles to use when you design your own quilt blocks in Quilting Studio.

Just use the “Quilt Block Creation” tab and look for the “Add Circle” button on the right hand side.  One caveat though: to change the size of the circle just use the width adjustment buttons.  There is no height adjustment for circles (only one adjustment is needed).

Have fun!

Problem with Old Uploaded Fabrics

Dear Quilters,

Regrettably, recent changes have caused a problem with some of the old fabrics that were uploaded by Quilting Studio users.  Some users will find that the fabrics they uploaded before Sept 10th 2012, will need to be re-uploaded.

If you do need to upload your fabrics again, you will then need to assign the newly uploaded fabrics to your quilt blocks.

This has been the first error resulting in a loss of data that Quilting Studio has ever experienced in over 10 years of being online.  I personally apologize and thank you for your patience.

Quilting Studio

Fabric Uploading to Quilting Studio

The much requested feature is now here.  You can now upload your own fabrics to use in Quilting Studio.  Simply log in to your User Account and click on Manage Fabrics.

Here are some guidelines when uploading fabric to Quilting Studio:

  1. You can load up to 100 fabrics.
  2. The best type of fabric image file is jpeg.  But, they can be of type .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, or .png.  If you don’t know what all this means, it just let’s you know that most types of image files are acceptable.
  3. The fabrics will be deleted if they are not used in a quilt and are more than 6 months old.  You can always re-upload them.

After uploading, your fabrics will appear in the “Uploads” fabric palette in the quilt designing software.

New Function: Printing the Whole Quilt

Today there is a new printing function for outputting your whole quilt.  It is for Quilting Studio subscribers only.  Here is how you do it:

  • Finish a quilt.  Or, bring up a saved quilt using the “Saved Quilts” dropdown menu
  • Click on the “Finish” tab in the upper right
  • Make sure the quilt you want to print is shown on the left and then click “Print This Quilt”.

The quilt should fill the piece of paper when it’s printed.  Some printers will take a while to process the print job before printing.  Please be patient.